I just sat through a very interesting Professional Development series presented by The Guardians here in Los Angeles.   The speaker, Ross Gerber, CEO of successful Financial Adviser group Gerber Kawasaki stated “Don’t ever do print media ever again…ever ever. It is dead.”   He touted websites and Google Ad words as the way to generate leads.

I am dancing in the digital world to tell my friend and colleague-in-philanthropy that I respectfully disagree.   While my company Monthly Targets distributes direct mail campaigns, I can absolutely agree that digital media is important.  It is now.  Direct Mail is a mature industry but nevertheless utilized by independent retailers and Fortune 500 companies, including Google themselves!

When you open a new business and/or if you stop using Adwords, Google will send you a letter with a gift card giving money towards AdWords.  Millions of us have received this.  That’s Google, the digital company, using Direct Mail and Gift Card Marketing techniques, to drive sales.


This is what Google mails to Businesses

You see one of the Direct Mail pieces Monthly Targets did for Domino’s Pizza here.  We mailed to thousands of New Movers, that is – people who moved into the franchisees service and delivery area within weeks of this campaign.  Over the course of 60 days, we tallied an impressive 38% redemption rate and yielded an astounding Return on Investment with thousands in new sales. 


Direct Mail by Monthly Targets for Domino’s Pizza

Count on Direct Mail as part of your media mix.  The tangible, targeted and relevant invitation to engage in business is important and something every business should use for your company’s growth. Even you Ross.  Even you.