What They Say

Pop-It Cards offers the best marketing and advertising around. I had been looking for a way to reach out to specific people in areas that I just knew our target audience resided. With some awesome creative and the Pop-It Card we saw 5 times in profits than the amount we spent on the program. And, these were new clients. Winner.
The Pop-It Card program is working very well. My employees are seeing a lot of the key tags coming through and most of them are new customers. We will continue this program!
Pop-It Cards are a great way for me to get my name out there. The very nature of the gift cards are a great way to promote my business and something that people are more inclined to hold on to. I truly believe this to be the new wave of advertising.
I used the key tag to get people in the door. Everyone needs an oil change and if Midas is on their key chain, we’re more likely to capture that business. It is working very well.
Since the inception of the Gift Card + Loyalty key tag program, we have been able to secure our existing customers at a much higher retention rate than ever before in addition to getting new customers in the door. We have had almost 500 redemptions in about a months’ time.
Well, the Pop-It Card has been the hit of the season. We completely sold out of our classiques stackable bracelets two days ago but are still selling other merchandise from clients who continue to stream in with their Pop-It Cards.
There really isn’t anything that works for us as well as Pop-It Cards for our service direct mail. We send these out regularly to our existing customer database and the return is too good not to do this every quarter.
General Manager, GM Dealership
We send birthday mail to everyone within a 3 mile radius of our restaurants. It is a good offer and we see anywhere from 4-6 come in on weekdays and 30 – 60 come in on a weekend. At this point is it predictable and necessary. We recently started tracking with Target Tracker.
Director of Marketing, Fine Dining Restaurant Group
I have tried almost everything and nothing works like Pop-It Cards. We’ve done paper postcards, tri-folds, high-end envelopes and it just doesn’t compare. I can’t reveal the exact numbers but I can reveal that we won’t go anywhere else for our direct mail.
Is it possible that a marketing tactic can work too well? We actually had to scale our offer back to temper the response. We like problems like that!
We had 550% ROI, 30% Redemption and of those redeemers, 15% ordered again unsolicited. I’d say every New Mover in the area will forever be getting our Pop-It Card.
Sending a membership card that are ready and actually works is amazing. We get so much traffic from this campaign and our in-house sales team does a great job closing. Pop-It Cards make it easy.
Owner, Gym